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[Blog] Self-selling eBooks- sounds good, right?

Self-selling eBooks- sounds good, right
Self-selling eBooks- sounds good, right

Self-selling eBooks- sounds good, rightOkey dokey! You sat down in front of your computer for all night and wrote an amazing eBook about your favorite topic. You’re hoping for that eBook to sell by itself, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t!

The idea behind self-selling eBooks is actually to create a page that will sell the eBook so effectively that you don’t need to do anything. That page is called (you guessed it) a Sales Page! Your sales page is probably the most important part of this SSS (self selling scenario; what a whacky abbreviation!) Anyway, you need to make sure to create your sales page in such a way that anyone who visits it should get interested in reading it and purchasing your eBook.

You need to start by writing a catchy headline that gets reader’s attention at first look. Your headline should include a solution you’re providing in your eBook or something that will help your customers to solve their problems. Make sure to use an easy-to-read font for your headline and the remaining text as well.

After your headline, you have to create a sub-headline that will be like an extension of your headline and describes that particular benefit you mentioned in your headline in a bit descriptive manner. This helps your readers to get even more interested in what you’re offering and get them to read your remaining text.

In first few paragraphs, you can talk about the problems you’re providing solutions for; and you also might want to talk a bit about yourself and introduce yourself to your readers. You will also need a picture for your eBook. Although it is not a must, it is proven that eBooks with a picture gets better response than those with no picture. Also if you show readers a picture of your eBook, it helps you look more professional; and readers get a feeling as if they are purchasing a book from a real book store.

Then show them a picture of your ebook. Although eBooks don’t need covers you should still show them a professional looking representation of what your ebook would look like. People almost need the image of a book to help them understand what there “virtually” getting and research shows that better the ebook cover image looks the better sales will do.

Below the picture, you can add a “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now” button from where your readers can buy the eBook right away if they want to. Below the button, you can list some more benefits they’ll get in your eBook. This helps to clear any doubts from the minds of those who still have some.

Then you can continue explaining the benefits and details about your eBook. You should also consider adding some testimonials from your previous customers. This tremendously increases your conversions. But never add fake testimonials about your eBook. You can give some individuals review copies of your eBook in return of their testimonials. You can also ask your friends to do this for you.

If you’re planning on selling limited copies of your eBook, you should mention it clearly on the sales page. Something else that you can do is run some special offers. E.g. you can give 20-30% discount on the price for next 50 customers. This will also increase your sales, as people like discounts (duh!)

All the points mentioned here should be considered a part of your sales strategy to increase your sales and make your eBook a self-selling eBook!


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