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[Blog] Keyword research for beginners

Keyword research for beginners
Keyword research for beginners

Keyword research for beginnersKeyword research is the base of any online business. You simply cannot build an online business without doing the keyword research. If you’re here on this page reading this article, then there is a good possibility that you want to start your own online business. And you’re welcome to do so, as nobody is going to stop you. When we’re new to something, what we usually do is go out looking for some information about that topic. But the problem is that information (online or offline) can be overwhelming and sometimes even contradictory. So if you are looking some basics of keyword research, you might want to continue reading this article.

As we know, there are plenty of resources out there on the internet that have information about almost any topic you can imagine. Same is the case with the keyword research topic. It is an art and also kind of a science (hard to get that?), and the most important thing is that search engines use keywords to decide the rankings of all websites available on the internet. I mean if there are one million websites on the internet talking about gardening, the search engines need something that they can use do rank those pages and decide their quality and finally give them appropriate rankings in their index.

It is a known fact and the owners of all search engines accept this that not all the nitty-gritty details of their “ranking system” is made public. Of course, they won’t do it. Otherwise anyone could abuse it (we all know how to abuse pretty much anything, don’t we?) So many parts of the search engines’ secret Ranking Algorithms are kept inside the vault. This leads to generating number of “experts” who claim that they found something that is hidden in the vault. Now I know some of those experts really are experts at what they do. But some of them just think they are. So anyway, as I was saying, even though we can’t open that “secret vault” of search engines, it is possible to get some excellent advice on improving your website’s ranking from the search engines itself. Google itself has clearly mentioned in its webmasters blog that doing a proper keyword research is one of the most important parts of getting higher rankings in search engines. So what should you know before you actually start your keyword research? Keep reading.

First you should know that the ultimate target of doing keyword research is to get the highest quality traffic possible and get higher search engine rankings. Here are the points that you need to understand before starting your keyword research process:

  • How do search engines define keywords or keyword phrases?
  • How exactly search engines use these keywords to provide their users relevant results?
  • What are “targeted visitors” and how can you get them?
  • What market or niche are you going to choose for your business?
  • What is competition (in terms of a keyword) and how does it affect your keyword research?
  • Which tools should you use and how should you use them to perform your keyword research easily and accurately?
  • How to promote your business website using your keywords?

These are the very basic things that you should know before starting your keyword research. Doing this right will put you ahead of your competitors and enable search engine users to find you (I mean your website) when they are looking for some information that is related to your market. Search engines will place your website on top in their search listings and you’ll be able to build a highly profitable online business using your website.

I wrote this article, not to explain what keyword research is, but to explain the importance of keyword research to those who are just starting out with their online business. So now you know that if you do it right, it will pay off (why shouldn’t it?) It doesn’t matter what your business model is or what market you’re in, you need to incorporate keyword research in your business strategy from the very beginning!


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