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[Blog] Everything you need to know about auto responders

Everything you need to know about auto responders
Everything you need to know about auto responders

Everything you need to know about auto respondersNowadays, a large number of businesses use auto responders to stay in touch with their subscribers and customers. Auto responders have proven to be excellent promotional tools for any business that have their customers online. Auto responders are also known as email responders and they are very helpful as they automatically send a pre-written response for an email.

Auto responders are the programs that run on servers. There are some auto responder programs that you can use on your computer or your own server, if you don’t want to pay a monthly fee to the companies that provide auto responder services. You can pre-define different automated emails to go out when emails arrive at your auto responder. E.g. you can set one automated email format for general inquiries, one for business inquiries, one for admin inquiries and so on. This can be done easily through the auto responder script. After that, when an email arrive at your admin support email address, your auto responder will send the admin related automated response to that email. This makes the email look more natural and you more professional.

Just like any other tool, auto responders can also be used for both good and bad purposes. Some spammers use auto responders for spamming purposes. They collect email addresses from the internet and start sending spam emails using auto responder programs. But now, all email providers (such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail) have made their spam filters more powerful to stop all such spam messages from arriving in your inbox.

If you own a website and you’re planning on submitting it to search engines, directories to get some exposure to your website, don’t use your auto responder email ID while doing the submissions. Because most of the search engines, directories and other submission sites have their own auto responder system that they use to send out weekly newsletters to their users and also to keep their users up-to-date with what’s happening around in the industry. So if you use your auto responder email ID while submitting your website to them, their auto responder will send an automated reply to your auto responder; and your auto responder will send an email to their email address, and this will never end as both of the email IDs are auto responder email addresses. It would be like a loop that goes on and on and never ends! So while subscribing to an ezine or a newsletter, make sure to use your real email address which you check regularly to prevent your subscription from getting cancelled.

So, it is necessary to keep in mind that auto responders should only be used to create your subscribers list (aka mailing list) to which you can send your emails/updates on a regular basis. If you use your auto responder email to subscribe to a newsletter, it will be very annoying to the admin of that newsletter. So don’t do it! Auto responders are a great way to build and maintain a huge (really huge) customers list. They save you a great deal of time as you never have to manually send each email. You can also save time by pre-scheduling your emails: e.g. if you are running a newsletter, you can schedule your emails to go out to your subscribers after every 2 days or once a week or however you want. This makes your email marketing campaigns extremely easy and flexible. So make sure to use an auto responder for your business if you’re not already using one!


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