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[Blog] How would you like some advertising for free?

Every business owner spends money on advertising for his/her business. Advertising for free sounds like impossible at first, but by implementing some steps, it is possible to conserve the advertising cost. You just need to have some creativity and imagination.

One of the popular methods of advertising a business is to write articles about the market the company is in and distribute those articles to publications and media that are interested in that content. As the use of internet is growing every day, and as the number of websites is also increasing, you can use this medium for your advertising purpose. There are many websites that are purely content-based, meaning they accept different types of articles from its users. Users can write articles about the topics they like and those articles can be published on these sites, which get viewed by hundreds of people each day.

If a business publishes articles on such websites regularly, it definitely helps that business to get some recognition and popularity among the crowds. Such recognition can provide that a chance to present a TV interview or radio interview, which is almost like free promotion. Also it raises the chances for that business to get contacted by mail or telephone or a personal visit by a channel producer. During a personal visit, the business person can talk about their history and future goals, which is obviously of interest to the channel’s audience. Once the business owner starts getting a status of public-friendly person and a trusted source, more offers from other media start to roll in.

Many places such as libraries, shopping malls, local stores have free bulletin boards. These can also be used for advertising. Similarly, mass distribution of circulars can also be done by hiring some students in part-time. Many business firms use envelops, which can be used for printing promotional advertisement. Special offers for created for promotional purpose can be sent to prospects (usually by using postcards), and the prospects can sign up for those offers if interested, by filling their information on postcards and returning them back.

Some publications offering mail order services provide pay per inquiry space, and some also provide free first time and seasonal discounts on advertising. Some businesses are in catalog publishing or ad sheet publishing. In that case, a business owner can contact other publications for advertising exchange offers. That is, the other party places the business’s advertisement in their publication and the business places their advertisement in its own publication.

Many businesses launch some limited time free offers for their customers. They either email their customers or print their offers and send them to their prospects. They also attach a coupon which customers can use for free shopping if a certain criterion is met (e.g. minimum purchase of $100). These kinds of coupons work very well and get a huge response as customers get a free coupon with their purchase.


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